Subject: Meet Yas Banks, the graphic design and self promotion queen!

Promoting yourself online can be scary, putting yourself out there certainly isn’t easy and it can be really daunting at first. We sat down with Yas Banks, a graphic design student who’s killing it in the self promotion game. She currently shares her university work, side hustles and any freelance work she does. Get your note books out, your instagram’s at the ready and take note.

Take it away Yas!

Name: Yas Banks

Age: 20

Location: Manchester

Current title: Student at The University of Salford. Studying Graphic Design. (in my third and final year of undergrad)

How did y

ou get into promoting your work/projects online?

I have always had a real interest in social media and utilising platforms for good rather than negativity and complaining about whatever's going on in the world. We've been heavily encouraged to utilise online ways to push our practice; posting work and interacting with other designer's online as a form of networking, through our time at university so it's solid practice and a skill to carry forward into post-graduation. Having a thorough enjoyment of using the Instagram platform anyway made me get to promote my work online really easy and straightforward. 

Any advice for someone who wants to self-promote their work/talent but is too scared?

Create an account. Get posting. Utilise interacting through likes / comments / messaging with other designers (but not obsessively). HASHTAGS are key with the messed-up algorithm that Instagram especially has. It's important though not to get so obsessed with the likes and interactions you may or may not get when posting your work as this is what causes you to fall out of love with social media and the work you create. 

Do you do any freelance work? or work outside of university?

I have recently finished an editorial piece for a social housing book; taking control and organising a large body of copy to allow people to read real-life stories in a pleasant, easy way to engage them in the subject at hand. I have done a couple of other freelance jobs; boosting my online portfolio and my personal practice. Finding the time to balance university work and freelance work is difficult but so rewarding when you gain feedback from the client once the project is signed off. This helped build a solid body of work for my portfolio and developed new skills for my personal practice to take onto other jobs and into the industry. 

Do you currently offer any services?

YES! Always looking for work especially when it’s getting closer and closer to graduation and leaving education FOREVER!!!! My practice lies heavily in typography, colour and editorial. Yet I have had experience of utilising these skills onto digital and social assets; through gifs and static imagery for social media accounts. Check out my behance to see some of my work – currently working on finalising my website!

What’s next for you? 

Get my foot into the industry. Network with more people. Looking for any opportunity that's presented my way and taking full advantage of these. 

What are your social media channels?