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Working in social media is just scrolling through Instagram all day right? No? Maybe? Find out from the people who’s working in social.

Creative Content Assistant

Creative Content Assistant

A creative content assistant is responsible for any visual communications that we put out as a brand,intending to create conversation and spark interest. It is a form of marketing, covering areas including but not limited to social media, graphics, photography, blogging, video editing etc. As a content marketer you will be constantly looking for new creative ideas, keeping up-to-date with social trends, and aiming to create bespoke content that is both unique and relatable, share-able, and entertaining to your customer (and potentially attract new customers!). The aim is to increase engagement between the brand and customers, and communicate with them in a way in which they want to be spoken to. Written by Llinos Peters, Creative Content Assistant at The Gypsy Shrine

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Social media assistant

A social media assistants role is supporting the social media manager in the build for an engaging social community via key social channels. A key responsibility is to create engaging content that drives dialogue for the brand whilst delivering all key messages / marketing stories. A key responsibility within this role is to ensure the content calendar is regularly updated and maintained for the upcoming weeks. This involves ensuring internal marketing stories are supported to deliver the brands key messages whilst also meeting the external ‘pop-culture’ or ‘newsworthy’ stories for the consumer. Social media assistants will also be responsible for regular maintenance within the online community to ensure that all conversations are relevant, responsible and address the consumers needs. Written by Emily Jenkins, social media assistant at Debenhams

Influencer community manager

Influencer community manager

It can vary massively role to role however I essentially built our influencer network and I reach out on a monthly basis to organise gifting and catching up with our influencers etc. It also involves monitoring socials for coverage as well as reporting on this. It is quite admin heavy I will say, but very sociable too. Written by Rachael Clifton, Influencer community manager at & Other Stories

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content creator

A content creator is responsible for producing a whole range of content for their brand or business. From planning and writing blog posts, to designing graphics for a new website launch, a content creator is responsible for conveying the key brand messages and ideas to current and future customers through strong visuals and a consistent tone of voice. The content creator role can vary from brand to brand, some may be purely journalistic and others may require more visual creativity. In some instances, your responsibilities could also include creating social content such as Instagram imagery and twitter tag lines. Written by Beth Bowman, Content Creator for LFA