Fashion brand specialist

BRAND specialist

" A Brand Specialist is a multi faceted role depending on the brand and store you are working for. In simpler words, you are a Brand Manager for a specific brand and responsible in all aspects of the brand’s representation (usually) in a large department store. Acting as a brand ambassador, you are the link between the customers and the Buying/Wholesale team in the store and brand. Focusing on consumer and trend analysis, you are aware of why and what your customers are purchasing. Creating weekly sales and trade reports, as well as giving weekly feedback to buyers/wholesale managers on products/sales, a brand specialist is also in charge of visual merchandising, inventory, tracking delivery/repairs, clientele and training team members. The Specialist works closely with the retail and buying/wholesale teams in order to maximise sales and create more brand awareness. It is sales based role where you can learn and work with different aspects within the retail and fashion." Written by Samriddi Gurung, brand consultant at The Row.