Subject: Six Iconic Work Looks from Brittany Bathgate

Classically Modern?

Nothing will ever strike a look like a classic yet so modern black and white ensemble like this one. The white blouse buttoned up to the neckline... This look screams professional.

The Matching Pantsuit

This pantsuit had me smiling to myself like a kid in a candy store, screaming WHERE CAN I FIND THIS! I would be the first to sign a petition to make a pantsuit such as this a MANDATORY pairing in every female in the fashion industry’s closet.

Sneaky Statement

I’ll just go ahead and let you know- this Nanushka jacket changed my life- not to be dramatic or anything… Really though, making a statement if you have a more strict or professional environment can be a difficult feat to accomplish, and Brittany Bathgate nailed it with this piece.

A Beanie in the Workplace..?


For those with a more lax dress code, HELL YES KEEP THOSE EARS WARM AND LOOK HIP IN A BEANIE, SIS!


I often find myself feeling cluttered or like a mess of patterns when I’m trying to throw together an outfit to look professional and keep from freezing either my tits or toes off. Keeping it together with solids is the easiest way to keep it all simple and easy on the eyes!


Jean Casual? YES MA’AM

Casual Fridays, casual every days, whatever the case may be in your workplace.. Take the opportunity to rock some jeans while rocking your professional career and saying “look at me, a badass GIRLBOSS in her jeans!”



If these pictures inspired you, check out Brittany Bathgates rad “cool girl” looks on her blog or at least peep her Instagram! If they didn’t inspire you, change your ways and get your shit together! (just kidding, to each their own… but seriously, you should follow her style movements)


Xoxo, Cait

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