Subject: Meet blogger Rachael Clifton from Bubbly Aquarius

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Name: Rachael Clifton

Age: 28

Location: London

Job Title: Blogger/ Influencer Co-Ordinator

Responsibilities: So many when you're a one-man band! Blogging wise: creating content, styling, writing, interviews, networking, events, sending/ chasing invoices etc. and then Influencer coordinating: Reaching out to bloggers, organising gifting, creating reports/ admin, monitoring posting etc., meeting up with the girls face to face

How did you get into blogging:

I had been an avid outfit sharer on Instagram for years so this was a natural next step - I'd been threatening to start my blog for ages before I actually did and now really wish I had done sooner!

Whats your go-to outfit for a meeting:

Jeans, blouse and ankle boots and a leather jacket or blazer

Whats your go-to outfit for a day at your desk answering emails:

Stripe top, dungarees, and converse (or PJ's haha)

What advice do you have for interns wanting to look chic, minimalistic on a small budget:

Invest in fewer better quality and versatile pieces that you can wear in different ways

3 go to brands?

& Other Stories, H&M, Levi's

What 3 items should every young adult have in their work wardrobe?

A suit (unsure if this is classed as 1 or 2 pieces haha also I'm not talking morning business suit here - you could go cord, linen, check etc.) as you can wear it together but also mix and match the jacket with jeans and trousers with a leather jacket etc, loafers, a good white tee - so underestimated and goes with everything!

One piece of advice for anyone who wants to follow in your career footsteps?

Consistency and persistence are key! It's relentless so you also have to love doing it!

One piece of advice for someone who doesn't know what they want to do?

Does anyone?! I'd say try different things, soak in as much information as you can and network as much as possible because you never know where it could lead!

Where can people stalk you?

 @bubblyaquarius or

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