Subject: 5 items to have in your intern wardrobe.

With a new internship of course comes a new wardrobe… right? Right.

However, you don’t need to spend your first pay-check (or your minus figure overdraft) on a new closet. Workwear may sound drab, but by no means does it need to be. Think Trinny and Susannah ‘What Not to Wear’… all you need is a capsule wardrobe including 5 great must haves.


Let’s face it, you’re going to be on your feet more than you bargained for. If you intern in marketing or PR, you need to be prepared to carry clothing rails that weigh more than your limbs across central London… yes, I’m talking from experience. A statement white pair will serve you well but please… buy leather protector. Look great and feel comfortable? Check.

Here’s a great option


Running late? Heavy night? Can’t piece together your name let alone an outfit? Chuck on a fashion-forward outfit that requires minimal thought. (Try and find one that doesn’t have a zip down the back to avoid being stuck in unfortunate places).

Here’s a great option


This simple item can jazz up even your basic white T and jean combo whilst making you feel like an empowered bad ass super woman at the same time. A statement blazer will also take you effortlessly from the office to an after work drink or seven.

Here’s a great option


You’re probably going to spend more time on the floor than expected when interning – pants/trousers are your friend. Grab a flared indigo pair to transform into a 70’s superstar. (Perfect for freedom of movement which is of course an essential).

Here’s a great option


Think university/college fancy dress… but tailored and preferably a better-quality fabric. Some days you’ll need to be dressed smarter than others, and on those days, whack on a fun shirt. Smart yet fashion-forward, it will spruce up any pair of jeans whilst 100% making you look like you know what you’re talking about. 

Here’s a great option

Remember, first impressions are everything - channel Anne Hathaway circa second half of Devil Wears Prada. Always the second half.


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