Subject: 5 Must-Have Shoes in Your Work Wardrobe

I will be the first person to admit that I didn’t take the power of a good shoe seriously until I started interning. Especially in New York City, not only do you have to be comfortable (particularly if you have to walk a mile one way into the office) but your comfy shoes also have to be stylish. And then, you must have an appropriate work shoe to change into when you get to the office. 

But luckily for you, I have corralled together the perfect five pairs of shoes for you to have in your work wardrobe.

1. White Sneakers

Recently I have come to the sad realization that white sneakers + any city in the world = GRUNGE. But, alas, we have discovered that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will make those once bright white sneakers new again. But seriously, this sneaker is a staple; it matches everything and makes you look super polished and put together. 

Our pick: The classic Stan


2. Comfy Heel

Of course we all need our go-to comfy heel that will simultaneously make us look sophisticated while also keeping us from wanting to cut our feet off. I suggest a simple block heel; the width of the heel itself takes off MAJOR tension from the balls of your feet, leaving you with the feeling of walking on air.

Our pick: The classic block

3. Heeled Boots

I freaking love a good bootie. My go-to’s this semester (term) were a pair of black Tommy Hilfiger high-ankle booties with a five inch heel. They have the same science behind a block heel; the width takes off the pressure. Grab a black or brown so that they match almost everything. 

Our pick: The classic heeled boot

4. Flat/Loafer

For those days where you simply cannot wear another pair of heels, I recommend the flat. Find a flat shoe that is either a bold color or a fun pattern. Or, if you are still loving on the loafer trend, a simple loafer will change your entire outfit. Both of these options will make you still look classy while also letting your feet rest from all the heels.

Our pick: The classic loaf

Our pick: The classic flat

5. Black Pointed Heel

And finally, one of my all-time favorites; the black pointy toed heel. This shoe, although slightly uncomfortable, will not only make you LOOK like a boss bitch, but will also make you FEEL like a boss bitch. They can turn any outfit – jeans and a blouse or slacks and a blazer – into an unstoppable look. 

Our pick: The classic point

Happy walking!

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