Subject: Got a meeting at work? What the hell are you wearing?

Ahh, the joys of the work wardrobe. Sometimes more stressful than your job it self-right? We’ve all been there once or twice and by there I mean situated slumped on your bed on a Sunday night trying to convince yourself that your party outfits can be suitable for Monday's meeting. Or the hours spent in H&M on the weekend searching aimlessly for you know, just basics. But no matter how much time we spend looking and our best efforts to try and pair our plunging playsuit with a tee shirt so that it’s an appropriate affair, it’ still remains a struggle. For us all. 

So how can we lessen the pain of the mid-week clothing crisis? It’s simple. With some wardrobe rules. So here goes… perhaps you have an important meeting coming up or maybe you just have no idea when it comes to work wear. Pull up your big girl pants and give these a try.

First, follow the rules.

In a world where we are constantly influenced to be unique this one can be instantly annoying but in a workplace, it’s crucial that you follow the dress code. If your high waist Levi shorts are frowned upon then tuck them away for the weekend.

Get the right fit.

I don’t mean to sound snobbish when I say this one but seriously try and get your sizing right. Personally, I have been guilty of tucking my boyfriend tee into a size 6 pencil skirt last minute because I had nothing to wear. That was the first and last time.

Say YES, to hosiery.

Panty hoes are the perfect staple for your work wardrobe. ( Kate Middleton brought them back I promise) Not only can they be practical and save you from the cold, but smooth and perfect legs create confidence. The CK ultra fits are my favourite and can easily take you from a day in the office to after work drinks. 

Try out these

but no to noisy jewellery.  

As much as we love to accessorise, less is more at work. There is nothing worse than heaps of bangles and heavy watches scratching over the boardroom table. Save yourself the awkward glare from your boss and keep it minimal.

but yes again, too loud trousers…

Now enough of the don’ts and more of the dos. Splurge on a statement pair of bottoms. Everyone is going crazy for a pin stripe at the moment and these happen to appropriate in most professional environments. These PLT paper bag trousers can be your key piece without going overboard.

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Be richer with colour

One of my favourite ways to make sure I am looking professional at work is to concentrate more on the colours that I invest in. Giving a presentation? Don’t blend into the background and go for bold and confident colours like green, black and navy for a stronger presence. 

Suit it up

If you don’t own one already then nows the best time. Nothing says ‘Ive got my shit together’ better than a suit. Check out this tailor-made beauty from ASOS that would easily double up as a second outfit. Pair the cigarette pants with different blouse every other day. Easy.

Try out these

Invest in a cute boot.

And finally, keep it simple with some shoe staples. These high heel ankle boots from Zara are perfect. Why? Well, they offer the perfect amount of height to avoid the eye line of your scary boss and will take you right into your Winter wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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