Subject: How to Perfect your Summer Work Wardrobe

It's officially Summer which means long days full of sunshine. This sounds amazing if only you didn't have to spend those days working and planning for the perfect work appropriate outfit that will not make you sweat like crazy. As if planning the perfect business attire wasn't hard enough.

My first internship was over the summer and I was working for a Fashion PR company, which meant I spent a good amount of time outside from point a to point b dropping off or picking up samples. Let's just say I was taking a long cold shower as soon as I got home.

In other words, dressing for work during the summer can be particularly hard which is why I've put together the essential rules to follow for a perfect summer workwear wardrobe.


Business Casual

A lot of companies become a bit more lenient with their dress code over the summer, allowing you to wear what we call "business casual" clothes. Personally, I think business casual can be a bit harder cause you got find that happy medium between casual but not too casual. So when you hear your boss say you can dress a bit more casual in the summer, keep in mind that doesn't mean the type of casual you'd wear to a summer barbecue.

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Smartly Style Your Jeans

Jeans are always the perfect go to but if you're worried about it looking too casual, you can always dress them up. Go for your favorite jeans, light or dark (just but maybe not the ripped ones), and pair them up with a blazer, this will make you look chic and casual while still maintaining the business part of the outfit. Here is some killer inspo from blogger Brittany Xavier.


Flowy Dresses Are Your Best Friend!

In those insanely hot days where you can barely stand a t-shirt, flowy dresses are there to save the dress. Not only do they look cute and work appropriate but they are also comfortable and won't stick to your skin in the heat. Check out these two dreamy dresses from Zara.


So are airy skirts! 

Summer gives us the opportunity to also break away from the typical uniform outfits, exchange your pencil skirt for a fun mid length skirt. Not only will you be more comfortable but it can make for the perfect weekend look as well!

For more inspo click here

Culottes for the win...

Tailored pants are a work wardrobe staple but let's be real the material isn't always the airiest, well lucky for you, culottes are the trendiest trousers out there and they are easy to dress up or down. Just throw on a t-shirt and you'll still look smart and trendy!

Spice it up with a shirtdress

Tired of wearing a regular boring button-down shirt to work? Why not try the famous shirtdress? You can either pair it up with a belt or even wear it with jeans. This will still give you that business vibe but in a trendier and fun way.


The perfect pair of shoes

Shoes are essential in the summer. With longer days it is likely that you're spending more time outside and going out after work. Because of this it's smart to wear comfortable shoes that will not hurt throughout the entire day. Go for a nice pair of sandals or a good white pair of sneakers.

Turns out dressing summer casual for work doesn't have to be so hard, just stick to what you feel comfortable in and remember to keep it appropriate for your work setting. Once you've got that settled you can start truly enjoying your summer. 

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