Subject: What to wear to an interview

what to wear for an interview

The situation: You have an interview in less than 24 hours and you have no idea what to wear. You’re staring at your closet, eyes going back-and-forth between your pencil skirt, blazer, chunky sweater and mini skirt. Which items do you choose? What vibe are you going for? What will impress the interviewer? HELP!


Stress no more, my friend! Follow these simple steps and you’ll walk into your interview feeling like you own the place.


First, take stock of your go-to interview basics. For me, it’s a blazer, classic white button up, black dress pants, a pair of sensible yet killer pumps, and mini skirt. I usually pick and choose between these staples and then add items here and there, but this is solid start.


Next, look into the company you’ll be interviewing with. Go to their website and social platforms, read through articles and blog posts they have and try to get the vibe of the company. If it’s a fashion or beauty brand, try to read into what kind of style they have; is it Boho? Casual? Feminine? Edgy? Sporty? You can even go as far as finding other employees from the company (LinkedIn can be awesome in this sense) and search their platforms to see if they post anything about work.


Something obvious you can do is to just simply ask. I cannot tell you how many times I sneak in the line, “Is there any specific dress code you would like me to adhere to?” while planning an interview with the HR recruiter or whomever has asked me to come in. If you don’t want to ask or they don’t reply with a solid answer, dress business professional. It’s always best to be overdressed than underdressed.


Lastly, don’t forget to remember your personal style. How we present and carry ourselves is the first impression we will make, before we even have the chance to open our mouths. Choose an outfit with items that you feel sexy and confident in.


Quick example for you: I recently interviewed at SMCP Paris for a Retail Ops internship (I did not get it, but alas, life goes on and we keep grinding). After going through their websites and Instagram pages, I ended up wearing a navy-blue blazer with a simple white tank top, a denim skirt and olive colored pumps. I felt like a business casual bitch ready to take on the world.


Remember, no matter what, you need to feel confident in order to succeed. Wear those strappy heels or your gingham mini skirt - if that’s what gets you going, do it.


Keep grinding, my loves!