Subject: Your July intern wardrobe is here

Congrats to you for making it through half of 2019.

Time to reassess your new years resolutions and reward yourself with a few statement pieces.



Who knew amazon sold incredible jeans? Not me. They stock an A list of brands but they’re killing it with their own range too. Look at that cut. If they’re good enough for Emma Louise Connolly (if you’re reading this we are slightly obsessed with you) then they’re good enough for us. Grab yours here.

Screenshot 2019-06-18 19.55.00.png


Coat season has officially gone but light jacket season is (disgustingly) still upon us. H&M have got a wide offer which are for the most part affordable. I’d opt for a white version in a larger size to keep cooler on your enivatbly muggy commute.


If I’m buying anything this month it will be these works of art from (shock) & Other Stories.

Probably not intern friendly but well and truly needed. Maybe choose to wear these on a particularly meeting heavy day when the chances of being seated for prolonged periods of time are high. If you’re feeling frugal Mango & Topshop are ranging incredible block coloured versions that won’t break the probably already broken bank.



My hoops have drastically decreased in size over the past season, but more is still less. Astrid and Miyu combine design with quality so say goodbye to green tinged ears and hello to “Where are your earrings from?”

Please pray for sun so our August edit can be slightly sunnier,


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