Subject: Your March intern wardrobe is here

Spring 19 collections have dropped alongside the figure in my bank account.

I’m writing with a happy heart as today was 18 degrees. However, am I holding out hope that it will last? No.

To keep you going until your legs and arms are officially free here’s your march must haves.

split flares.jpg

split front flares

The 70’s called and they do not want their flares back because they look so damn good in the 21st century. Topshop are your go to for these.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 20.32.59.png

Chunky button knit

Mine lives at the office which is -4 degrees. Perfect throw on for March whilst the weather decides what mood it’s in. Which I predict will match that of a thirteen year old girl.

white blazer.jpg

White blazer

Amen to power dressing. Throw over essentially anything and you’re well and truly ready to take on the day. Even Mondays.

Another option I’m equally as obsessed with here.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 20.15.39.png

Reebok Aztrek

I enjoy them.

Unpopular opinion.

Yes I am a few months late.

They are now 20% off at ASOS.

You’re welcome… (If you’re that way inclined).

And to finish. Let us pretend it’s 1996.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 20.18.12.png


You’ve probably got some kicking around in a box from when you were 5. Trend setter.

Happy March,